Thursday, January 10, 2008

Long Time No Blog

Hello!!! Yea yea yea. I haven’t blogged since Halloween. I am one of the last people in the universe who still has a dial up connection. Whenever I get online, I must spend a lot of time staring at a blank computer screen while my Studebaker of electronic transportation methods tries to make it’s way along the Information Superhighway being passed the whole time by rocket propelled Lamborghinis. My only alternative option to the tin can and string technology that I have is a satellite system. They are VERY expensive, notoriously unreliable and while they are faster than dial up, they are by no means as fast as true broadband. In true Yankee fashion, I held out for several years, convincing myself that the dial up connection is all I need. I can send e-mail and keep in touch with a few carefully selected online friends who accept the fact that I am cyber challenged and like me anyway. Well it’s time to swallow my pride and fork over the cheddar and put in the satellite system. Aye yup, I decided to depart from the dinero and get a satellite system installed and I made the call and gave them my credit card number.

It turns out that the megabucks you are required to fork over for one of these systems buys equipment that is speedily delivered to your door by a courteous, smartly uniformed UPS delivery person but the stellar customer service stops there. Your money buys you the privilege of being yet another pawn in a circle of hell designed to torture those in remote areas from the information superhighway. I’ve been waiting since December 20th for the giant satellite dish that sits in the box that it was delivered in to be installed. This coming Monday is the latest installation date they have promised but I have lost faith. I’ll believe it when I’m viewing something on YouTube.

The holidays came and went. Santa came for The Goose and The Rascal and they were pleased with his efforts. The Rascal took a very bad fall on Christmas Eve Day and wound up with a nasty shiner for Christmas. Here she is modeling the Snow White Princess Outfit Santa left for her. You will notice that she has added some of her own style to the classic theme.

The Fairy theme and the princess theme were a big theme with Christmas. Adding their own style is a big theme with my girls.


Auntie S said...

First I saw that you added these photos at 3:10AM. Do you ever sleep? The Rascal is just as adorable as you said with her "Vermont Princess" ensemble complete with the eye bruise. The goose looks quite pleased wiht herself too! And, how was the yoga boot camp?

remy560 (aunt Karie) said...

The Goose and the Rascal are amazing little ladies. The Rascal reminds me of one of her cousins down south. A blond haired, blue eyed princess who always let people know what she did and did not like (who also donned an occasional black eye). Thanks for the update and pictures.
remy560 (aunt Karie)

Kelly said...

Now that's a princess who knows how to give a lifter! Girlie princesses are so passe. It looks like the girls had a great Christmas. I'm happy to see you are able to more fully enjoy all the stuff on the internet buffet.

Nick McGivney said...

Hey Yankee. My Granny used to talk about a sitcom that was on the telly in the sixties in the UK called 'Never mind the quality, feel the width'. Well I never actually saw any of it, but the title always stuck with me. It's kinda the reverse for your blog - doesn't matter how thick it is as long as the quality's good, and I am really enjoying the quality of it! I have a six month old son, Jacob, with the ole 47th chromosome too, and we're mad about him. You can check us out on if you like. Meanwhile, I'm enjoying the lack of tweeness in your writing. Keep it up - as frequently as you like, of course!

Nick in Dublin, Ireland