Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Hey! Kelly Gave Me An Award!

Kelly over at Where There’s A Will has presented me with the Community Blogger Award. Wow! Thank you Kelly, I am flattered. Where There’s a Will is one of my top two favorite blogs. Kelly’s chronicles of her family life are palatable and poignant. And she is skillful about educating her readers about Down syndrome and advocacy without leaving a bad taste in anyone’s mouth.

I am passing this award onto the other blog in the number one spot on my list of favorite blogs, Bittersweet penned by Elbog. Elbog has a talent for writing, he is a deep thinker, he is delightfully witty and his devotion to his family always rings true. Enjoy this award my friend. You deserve it.

1 comment:

Elbog said...

Well, shucks, thanks! I guess I'd better write something. You're my favorite Vermontan, Vermonter . . . and that even beats the ice cream guys by a mile.