Thursday, January 10, 2008

Winter Doldrums

I like the winter doldrums. The holidays are over; the year is new; time to think about the real resolutions; time to choose a few free weekends and invite over those friends to whom you made the “oh we have got to get together, it’s been too long” promise when you saw them at that holiday party. I love the winter doldrums get together. Late on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon I serve up a bunch of fattening hors d’oveurs, warm some cider, and light a few unscented candles. I am NOT a fan of scented candles. Did you know that the only light source in Hell is scented candles?

It is also time for personal improvement projects. My evenings are full of Pilates classes and Exercise Boot Camp classes. I am dragging my girls into the tradition of personal improvement projects. We all will be attending a yoga for kids and parents class this morning. The Goose is looking forward to this class with great anticipation. She thinks she is very good at Yoga. Good for her.
I'm hoping The Rascal will have fun with the class. Everything will be OK if she is allowed to sit and observe for a long period of time. After she is comfortable she will attempt a few of the poses she thinks are worth while. God help anyone who says "hello" to The Rascal or looks at her for more than two seconds. If The Rascal does attempt any poses and the instructor attempts any sort of gentle suggestions for correction, the instructor will be admonished with a very loud "NO!". God forbid she touch The Rascal’s personage. Well, if that happens, you will hear about it on the six o’clock news. Everybody just better keep their hands of The Rascal's inner peace. OR ELSE!!!


Elbog said...

I wish we could pop over with some bean dip and gooey nacho cheese.
Good luck with the exercise classes - that'd be a stretch, for me.

Kelly said...

Let's see if yoga instructor can remain in her Zen state during an all-American meltdown.
I wish we were close by. You could even skip the appetizers and head straight to the wine. :)