Saturday, February 3, 2007

This is a quick update for those of you checking in for the sake of keeping in touch. A nasty cold virus has wreaked havoc within our household. The Rascal has pneumonia, she seems to be getting better after just a few days on antibiotics. The Goose is having trouble with asthma (she is her mother’s daughter, her grandmother’s granddaughter and so on). She is being very responsible about her inhaler and no wheezing has been heard for a few days now.

I had a rude awakening to our health care system yesterday. This virus has left me with a sinus infection that I can not shake without antibiotics. The Rascal’s PCA worked from 9AM to 2PM yesterday so that was my chance to be able to get out, see a doctor and get some antibiotic with only The Goose in tow. I knew that my regular doctor’s office was not likely to return my telephone call within that 5 hour time frame much less schedule an appointment and actually see me so I didn’t even bother with them. I packed up The Goose, left instructions for The PCA and trekked off to The Fanny Allen Walk In Clinic. There we sat in the waiting area for 2.5 hours before getting into an exam room. It took 40 minutes for a medical assistant to take my vitals, a nurse to take my history and a doctor to prescribe antibiotic and steroidal nasal spray.

Most of you know that, with respect to healthcare, during my childhood, I was spoiled rotten. All three of my mother’s brothers were physicians. There never was any waiting in an office waiting room. When we were sick, Mom would whip up a nice luncheon, call Uncle J or Uncle D and they would stop by for a bite with their black leather bag. Those days are long gone. Nice memories though.

New vehicle shopping is on the agenda today. The Jeep has a squeal that cannot be diagnosed. It has something like 98,000 miles on it. Time to rotate the inventory, we will sell the “really old Honda Civic” (175,000) miles to the backyard mechanic who keeps presenting offers to Mr. Yankee. The newer Honda Civic will then become the “really old Honda Civic”, the Jeep will become the secondary vehicle and the auto for which we are hunting today will become the primary. I am in search of a brand spanking new Land Rover for $20,000.00! I’ll let you know what we find.

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Kelly said...

Hope you are all feeling better by now and you are all taking a family jaunt to see the brand new $20,000 Range Rover. Tell me where you find one of those!