Sunday, February 11, 2007


Well the winter viruses have not yet retreated. The Rascal's pneumonia has not responded to antibiotics. While she was taking amoxicillin, she developed an ear infection. We spent last week visiting the pediatrician and the ENT. We are assuming her pneumonia is viral and we are happy that she is easily moving air in and out of those little lungs with out any sign of distress. The second course of antibiotic is clearing the ear infection. Yesterday The Goose awoke with a new cold! Yippee.

The Goose went on her first field trip with her pre-school on Thursday last week. Her group accompanied one of the school's dogs to the veterinarian for annual vaccinations and check up. She was very apprehensive in the morning as she was getting ready to go to school. She didn't think she wanted to go on the field trip without me. When she arrived at school and joined her group, she forgot all about her jitters, bid me goodbye and came home from school thinking that she would like to be a veterinarian when she grows up. Good for her.

Here is the new vehicle we bought yesterday. It's a Jeep Commander. It's very nice. It has heated leather seats, and lots of buttons and levers, I have not a clue to the purpose of these buttons and levers but I am slowly wading my way through the owner's manual. Soon I will be an expert. It does have Sirius satellite radio. This makes me very happy. I am a die hard Howard Stern fan. Although, I do have to wait until the girls fall asleep in their car seats before I can turn to his channel. The technology that went into this vehicle is truly impressive. It knows when it's raining and turns on the windshield wipers for Pete's sake. It's kind of like driving a car that is haunted.

This week includes our wedding anniversary on February 13th, I feel as though we are too young to have been married 14 years. Our house is full of sweethearts so Valentine's Day is always special.

That's all for now. Hope things are good for everyone out there. Happy Valentine's Day. E-mail me or leave your comments.

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