Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Kelly over at Where There’s A Will has passed on The Kick A$$ Blogger award to me. Thank you Kelly, I am fully aware that with only 8 blog entries over the course of the past 9 months the award that I really deserve is The Lazy A$$ Blogger award but you are a nice lady and you have passed this on to me. I am honored.

OK now. Let’s see if I can follow the rules. I am to mention MammaDawg who created this award. Then I am to pass this award onto 5 other bloggers.

The bloggers on whom I wish to bestow this honor are:

Tricia at Unringing The Bell. Check out her 31 for 21 Challenge. That’s for those who are not a Lazy A$$ blogger like myself.

Nick McGivney at Our Jacob. I like Nick because he once told me that my blog lacked twee. I detest twee and I like Nick because he noticed that my blog lacked it.

Tom at Narrowridge. He’s a passionate guy whose blog does kick a$$.

Annie at Annie’s Porch. Annie is the woman who holds Tom up. She kicks a$$.

Last but not least, my a$$ kickin’ friend Elbog at Bittersweet.

Some of you may have already received this award. If you have……tough nuggies! You got it again.

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Tom said...

Very cool. I just want to take this moment to thank all my producers and writers, who I would be lost without.

But really, thanks!