Sunday, August 10, 2008

August Update

The girls have been horsing around a lot this summer. We found a wonderful organization where both girls can take riding lessons. The Champlain Adaptive Mounted Program in So. Hero, Vermont is an organization made up of some amazing people. They make it possible for both of the girls to take their riding lessons together. I am so thankful to these good people that I have been volunteering on Saturday mornings. I am learning to groom and tack up the horses and I get to be one of the side walkers for some of the riders when they take their lessons. It's a lot of fun and I am enjoying learning about and working with the horses.
The Rascal rides on Casper.

And The Goose rides on Simon.

I like Simon. He is a very old, gentlemanly Morgan. A Yankee horse.

There have been a few art projects this summer.

And what is summer without bike riding?

It is August in Vermont. The days are warm, the nights are not. Autumn is on it's way.


Elbog said...

I simply LOVE those blue hands!
Pictures that are worth thousands of words.
I'm glad the Summer is going so well.

Kelly said...

Man your a brave lady latting your kids ride on stuff and paint whatever they feel like. Are you one of those new "free-range" parents?
The girls look like they are having a great summer and by extention, I bet that means you are having a good one too.

P.S. I tagged you for a meme beck at the blog. It's'll like it.