Monday, June 2, 2008

Hello All

I am sorry I don’t keep this blog updated. I have good intentions but I don’t have any time. This morning, I have a half hour before I have to get the girls down stairs for breakfast then out the door; the Goose has to be in Underhill for pre-school and the Rascal has to be in Burlington for swim lessons. So here is my half hour seat of the pants update.
We had a week or so of lovely weather this spring.

The Goose got a new bike this spring. She can ride it without training wheels. She is very proud of her new learned skill. Here are some shots of Mr. Yankee putting it together for her.

The Rascal is living up to her nickname. Her sister’s religion class hosted a Sunday morning mass last month. Here she is in the beautiful Ralph Lauren dress I got for her to wear to the mass. The expression on her face will give you an idea of what she thinks of dressing up and conducting herself like a little lady.
You all will be surprised to learn that we have a magic carpet in our house. I purchased a carpet and matching runner at Lowes a few weeks ago. Imagine my surprise when the kids informed me that the new carpet is magic! Here are they are taking Mowgli for a spin on the carpet.

That's it. My half hour is up. I fully intend to be back and post more updates. Don't give up on me..................

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