Friday, October 12, 2007


I failed abysmally. I failed too keep my commitment to 31 for 21 during the first week. I am not a writer, I am not an activist, I’m an introvert, I live in the last place in the universe where my only option is dial up, my kids always interrupt me when I get on my computer, the dog ate my list of ideas for posts, my tummy hurts, the sun got in my eyes….Go ahead make fun of me, I said you could.
Do I get points for planning on attending our Buddy Walk tomorrow?

Yankee The Looser


Tricia said...

Hey...i know you are blogging in your heart! :)

We'll be there tomorrow too! Hope your plans turn into a reality!

Kelly said...

Oh, sun in your eyes eh?
Poor girl, you go lay down and put your feet up for a while. We know that your lack of blog posts=you having fun with the girls. It's all good.

Amy said...

I hear you on the this. I've been struggling to post every day, and I had to give up over the weekend when we had family--it was worth it, though--we were celebrating my daughter's birthday. You totally get points for Buddy Walk! Hope it was great.