Monday, September 3, 2007

This Photographer Is Aces In My Book.

Louisa Larson did a photo shoot of my girls back in July. I was very nervous about taking them to her home studio. I imagined there could only be two outcomes: 1) they would be afraid of the hot lights and the flashes and Louisa would have two little sour pusses to work with or; 2) they would be overly intrigued by the hot lights and flashes and Louisa would have two cyclones of catastrophic curiosity to work with. I voiced my concerns when I booked the photo shoot. Louisa assured me it would be OK. I was skeptical but I dutifully followed her suggestions for appropriate clothing and I drove the girls to her studio.

Louisa’s friendly, easy going style instantly charmed all three of us. We all talked and laughed while we lounged and relaxed around her studio. Louisa is such a pro. it is easy to forget she is pointing a very intricate looking camera at you when she is talking with you.

When the images from the session were available I was dumbfounded to see what this gifted artist had captured. This photographer captures not only pretty faces but the beauty that emanates from within.

The idea of inclusion seems to come easy for Louisa. During our conversation at her studio I mentioned that I would be hosting The ARC of Northwestern Vermont’s Second Annual Down Syndrome Ice Cream Social at my home this year. Louisa instantly volunteered to come and donate her time and talent. She came and visited with all of us and snapped many pictures as we all enjoyed various flavors of Ben and Jerry’s. The images she took will be compiled with others into the calendar The ARC will sell at the October Buddy Walk in St. Albans, VT.

Here is a link to this very gifted artist’s website. Make sure you enter her blog. Notice that the image with the pink background in the corner at Starbucks in Williston, VT is The Rascal. Then Scroll down to the post titled “Sweet Sisters” for some more images of The Goose and The Rascal.

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Amy said...

Hi Yankee! I found you through Tricia's blog. Your daughters are adorable! My kids are 2 years apart and are great buddies.