Monday, January 15, 2007

It's January! Dag Nab It!

I hear there is a winter storm brewing. The radio was predicting that we could get from four to nine inches of snow during the course of the day today. I hope it falls gently and slowly and I hope we get blanketed with nine inches. I want it to fall slowly so the guys who drive the plow trucks have a chance to keep the roads clear and safe. I want to be blanketed because it’s January and I live in Vermont. We had a few days at the beginning of this month with temperatures in the upper 40s! The grass was green and the sap was flowing. That’s just wrong. Bring on the snow! Bring on the deep freeze! I’m a Vermonter dang it!

I took the above picture yesterday. Hopefully I will be able to post one tomorrow in which The Rascal is riding in a sled and the gravel on the road will be under a white blanket.

Well now; this is more like it. We didn't get all nine inches, probably closer to five. The ground is covered, the icy winds are blowing. Things are as they should be during January in Vermont.

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